Give Donald a new DO!

Ever wanted to rip that “soft served ice cream” like comb over off of Donny’s spray tanned head? Me too. Here’s your chance to put whatever hairdo you think fits him best! Tag #squeezecolor or to show off your work!

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Final Critique

Printed this last minute for my final critique in light of GB’s death. They moved passed it because its just a one liner, but Im still happy I tried it out. RIP.

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Second Crit

Two more large prints done for review. We’ll see how this goes. I’m more happy with the newer prints than the first one, but none the less they’re coming together. Wish me luck lol.

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First Try

There is a dark place in everyone. Shit there is a dark place in almost every thing. But In our minds we are a different person than what filters through to the “day to day” that we are conditioned to live. I question why that is. Focusing on the first thought you have in your […]

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